Who We Are

The roots of Hamilton Construction run as early as 1895 when the company began building roads and railroad grades throughout Western Canada.

The company maintained its focus on road building and railroads until 1996, when the current management changed the direction, taking on work in the Oil & Gas sector.

HCC secured a major project for a leading player in the tarsands industry of the day between 1996-1999, whereby it took on pipeline projects and infrastructure for an 80,000 barrel a day production facility.

Between 1999 and 2011 HCC took it’s operations overseas into many parts of Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Hamilton Construction returned to its roots in Saskatchewan in 2011 and continues the legacy of adapting to ever-changing demands from a wide variety of sectors.

Hamilton continues it’s dedication to meeting a wide variety of challenges in diverse areas of the world with successful outcomes each and every project.

Global Experience

In Uganda in 1999, Hamilton Construction started an overseas operation in Africa which involved serving customers in the Oil, Gas & Mining sector.

During this period created and operated a passenger and cargo airline operation which spanned the entire African continent. In addition to servicing its’ mining operations, it provided support for government and private interests throughout Africa.

Operations expanded to the former Soviet Union in 2005 where Khazakstan became the focus of the company, specifically in Oil & gas sector.

In 2008, the opportunities in Libya attracted our attention, and a base of operation was set up that carried out business in the Libyan Oil & Gas sector up until 2011 when the revolution started.

After many years abroad, the company was once again re-established in Saskatchewan.

The company plans to make Saskatchewan it’s main focus in the years ahead, but will maintain its international presence.

What We Do

Hamilton Construction offers a broad scope of services in the Civil, Mechanical, Oil & Gas sectors. Years of experience, both at home and abroad has helped developed strong practices and provides solutions to the most complex demands of an ever-changing market.

From creating roadways to isolated communities in Northern Saskatchewan to oil & gas infrastructure and mining in resource-rich areas of the world such as Angola, the Congo and the former Soviet Union, Hamilton Construction brings its unique experience and expertise to each project.

Its dedication to quality design and implementation of complex projects, and its solid track record of excellence in safety, Hamilton Construction is able to see any project, large or small, through successfully.

Community Focus

Seeing a unique opportunity to build a new road to connect the community of Wollaston Lake with the rest of the world, Hamilton Construction is dedicated to bringing its technical experience to help bring communities closer together.

Solving problems such as lowering the transportation costs of groceries and gasoline, to allowing local sports teams to travel affordably to outlying communities, Hamilton Construction is proud to play a role the continuing develop infrastructure to improve the quality of life in Saskatchewan.


Hamilton’s first season back in Saskatchewan recorded 100,000+ man hours with no injuries to our employees and no lost time incidences.  We take a common-sense approach to safety while adhering to standards set by regulatory agencies.

A testament to our focus on safety is that the company operated from 1999 until 2011 in hostile areas of the world, where work was planned and executed in active war zones with no fatalities or serious injuries to its personnel.

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